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Straightforward plans. Pay as you grow.


For teams who want to try out Twist for as long as they like with as many members as they need.

Current plan

Free includes the basics like:

  • Searchable history, up to 1 month of your team’s most recent messages
  • Up to 5 integrations with the apps your team already uses
  • 5GB total file storage
  • Custom Groups to reach a team or department with one click
  • Google authentication (OAuth) for hassle-free login
  • Guest access for external clients, contractors, or collaborators
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows


For teams who want to make Twist their central hub for calm, organized communication.

Current plan
* 2 months free
Current plan

Unlimited includes everything in Free plus:

  • Unlimited searchable history for all your team’s conversations
  • Unlimited app or service integrations
  • Unlimited file storage for the team
  • Priority support 24/7

Frequently asked questions

  • What will happen to my threads and messages after one month in the free version of Twist?

    In the free version of Twist, you won’t be able to view or search for thread comments and messages older than one month. However, all your team’s data will still be safely stored on our servers–nothing will ever be deleted. If you decide to upgrade to the Unlimited plan later, you and your team will have full access to your Twist history.

  • Will I lose my data if I downgrade from the Unlimited plan to the Free plan?

    No, your data is never deleted from Twist. When you downgrade to the free version, your threads, comments and messages older than a month will still be saved on our servers, but you won’t be able to view or search for them. If at some point you decide to re-subscribe to the Unlimited plan, you’ll regain access to your team’s full thread and message history.

  • What is a guest?

    A guest only has access to the specific channels to which they have been invited. They will not be able to view or join the rest of your team’s public channels. Guest accounts work well for collaborating with clients, contractors, or long-term external contacts. Read more about roles and permissions and also how to use Twist with guests.

  • How much does it cost to have guests on my Twist team?

    When you're using Twist’s free plan, all guests are free. When you're using the Unlimited plan, you pay for guests the same way you pay for members.

  • We need to add new users to our team. How will that be billed?

    When you add a new user, we'll automatically make a prorated, one-time charge to your credit card. This will cover the new team member's account for the remainder of the current billing period. After that, the full amount for an extra member will be added to your regular invoice.

  • Can I have free members and Unlimited members on the same account?

    If your team is using the Unlimited version of Twist, every member and guest that you invite to your team is counted as a paid team member. You’ll be billed monthly for the total number of members on your Twist team.

    If you’d like to work with some free members, you can create a separate, free team. You can invite your members there and they will be able to use Twist at no cost. It’s easy to switch between multiple teams from a single Twist account.

    More about billing.

More questions? Check out the Twist Help Center →