Disorganized and distracting vs calm and organized

Protect your team’s attention
with mindful communication.

We’re Doist. You may know us as the remote team behind Todoist – a tool that helps millions of people and teams simplify and organize life. But you may not know that we’ve spent the past two years developing a new team communication app, Twist.

We built Twist because there were no good, simple solutions out there for teams like ours – teams who love to collaborate and love to create. The first requires transparent, thoughtful communication. The second requires uninterrupted time for focused work.

The tools most teams use today fall short on both fronts:

  • Email is disorganized and opaque.
  • Real-time chat is fragmented and distracting (not to mention completely addicting).

Your team deserves something better.

With Twist, we set out to:

  • Give teams a shared place to have real, on-topic conversations. The kind of conversation that moves projects and whole companies forward.
  • Keep those conversations organized and searchable in threads. So everyone can find what they’re looking for, and no team wisdom is ever lost or buried.
  • Protect your team's time and attention. By letting you choose when to connect and when to focus.

Your team shouldn’t have to choose between communicating and creating. Between staying in the loop and putting real, meaningful, awesome work out into the world.

That’s why we built Twist.

If you’re interested in learning more specifics and getting early access to the Twist beta ­– no commitment required – sign up below. We’d love for you to join us on our journey to make teamwork calmer, more organized, and more productive.

Our Best,
The Twist Team

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