Twist – The Basics

Share knowledge. Stay organized. Reduce distractions.

Welcome to Twist’s first beta testing community!

Twist is a new communication tool from the team behind Todoist Business. What’s different about Twist is that it combines in-depth, threaded conversations with real-time messages to help you and your team stay organized, focused and informed.

No more disjointed email chains. No more always-on group chats.

Just one centralized place where your work conversations stay in context, on-topic, and accessible for the whole team.

Quick Summary

We put together a short guide to help you and your team get started with the basics:

  • Organize your conversations in channels based on department, project, or broad topic. Join any of your team’s public channels – or create a new one.
  • Start a thread inside a channel to discuss specific topics with your colleagues. Everything stays organized, transparent, and searchable for everyone (unlike those pesky email chains).
  • Loop in the right people by notifying them on your thread.
  • Use messages when you need more direct, immediate collaboration with one teammate or a small group.
  • Customize your notifications so you’re only notified when you want to be notified.
  • Stay in sync with your team anywhere. Download Twist on your phone and desktop.
  • Found a bug? Have an idea for how to make Twist better? We want to hear about it! Reach out any time at

Your team workspace is made up of channels. Channels are made up of threads. And threads are made up of comments.


Organize conversations by team, project, or topic

Channels let you organize your team’s conversations by general topic or team. Channels can be based on things like:

  • Specific projects (Product Launch, New Book, Android Update, etc.)
  • Departments (Marketing, Design, Engineering, Customer Service, etc.)
  • Or topics of interest (Interesting Reads, GoT Analysis, etc.)
channels list
You can create a new channel – or join any of your team’s existing public channels – by clicking on “+” next to “Channels” in your Channels tab.

When creating a channel, you can choose whether to make it public or private:

iconPublic Channels
Everyone on your team can see a list of the public Channels, and anyone on your team can join any public Channel.
iconPrivate Channels
Private Channels will only be visible to people who have been invited. They won’t appear in the full list of your team’s Channels.

Channels are made up of threads…


Start a detailed conversation

Threads are where the real team communication magic happens in Twist. Each thread represents a specific topic you want to discuss in-depth with your colleagues.

Instead of sending an email or posting a group chat message, you can use a Twist thread to make sure your conversation always stays organized, accessible, and on-topic.

image of thread list in a channel

Say you have a new project idea to propose to your team, or you’ve encountered a tricky problem that requires in-depth input. Just create a new thread, add a descriptive subject line to make it easy to search for, and write the message you’d like to share. You can also drag-and-drop to attach any relevant files ­– PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, or images.

image of creating new thread

Anyone who has joined the channel can read and comment on your thread. And all comments stay organized with your original message and subject line so team conversations always stay in context.

You can think of threads like email chains – only organized, transparent, and don’t kill a small piece of your soul every time you open them up.

Quickly get caught up the latest threads
Your Inbox is a feed of all the threads you’ve participated in. Any thread you created, commented on, or were tagged in will show up here. Anything you haven’t read yet will appear at the top so you can catch up on your conversations efficiently.
Save important threads for easy access
The Starred tab is a list of threads that you’ve saved for easy access and reference. Perfect for threads you aren’t participating in, but want to keep an eye on. Or threads that contain a lot of useful information you want to come back to later.

Notifying People & Groups

Loop in the right team members

Whenever you create a thread or comment that involves that group of people, just select the group name from the list to notify everyone at the same time. Notifying people makes sure that your new comment shows up in their Twist inbox as unread.

notifying people on a thread

You can choose to notify:

iconEveryone in Channel

This option is best used sparingly for very important news and updates.

notifying everyone in channel
iconEveryone in Thread

Everyone who has participated in that specific thread: the thread creator, anyone who has already been notified, and anyone who has commented along the way.

notifying everyone in a thread
iconIndividual team members

Just choose their names from the drop-down list.

notifying individual team members

Subsets of team members who often need to be notified about the same topics (eg, Android Team, Marketing Team, Support Team, etc.).

notifying a group of people

Creating Groups

You’ll probably find yourself needing to tag the same group of people over and over again – like the Marketing Team or the Support Team. Groups are an easy shortcut to quickly notify several people without having to add them one-by-one on every comment.

Anyone on your team can create a group. Just click on the People tab at the top of your window, click “+” to create a new group, name it, and decide who should be included.

image of creating a new group

Whenever you create a thread or comment that involves that group of people, just select the group name from the list to tag everyone at the same time.

image of choosing the newly created group from a new thread or comment


For when you need direct communication

Threads are great for discussing topics in-depth with many team members. But sometimes you need more immediate communication. That’s where messages come in.

image of a 1-on-1 message conversation w/ an example of a 3-person group chat in the left pane

In messages, you can start a conversation with one single team member in a 1-on-1 chat, or you can select a handful of team members for a group chat. Everyone included in the chat will be notified when a new message is posted.

Threads vs. Messages

When you have an ongoing topic to discuss with several people and don’t need an immediate response, create a thread.

When you need to communicate quickly with one person or a small group of people, use messages.

When in doubt, start a thread. Everything will stay transparent and searchable later so your team’s collective knowledge base will continue to grow.

Your Notifications

Complete control over when & where you’re notified

In today’s always-on workplace, people who make time for focused work have a huge competitive advantage. In Your Profile, you can customize your Twist notifications for complete control over when and how you can be contacted.

side-by-side images of notification snoozing and notification preferences screen

You’ll also be able to decide where to receive which types of Notifications – on desktop, mobile or via email – and snooze all notifications for up to 8 hours for when you really need to get in the zone.

Take your team’s conversations with you

Get Twist on all of your devices

With apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the web, your team conversations will stay synced across all your devices. Always.

Your 24/7 Twist Support Team

Need help? Found a bug? Have an idea?

You’re one of the first people to ever use Twist outside the Doist team. We’re excited for you to try it out and can’t wait to hear what you think.

If you run into a bug, have an idea for how to make Twist better, or just need help, our team is available 24/7. You can reach us via email at

We’ll also be in touch with you throughout the beta to gather your feedback and ideas to make Twist work better for you and your team. We can’t thank you enough for your help and support!